Our food menu offers several options for guests to enhance their beer experience.  The food strategy is to offer simplified, healthy food options that are sourced as much as possible from local farms and businesses.  Guests can choose from Starters, Sandwiches, Burgers, and full dinner options.  Chris, our Head Cook, has done a phenomenal job creating a menu (and ultimately a great plate) that offers the uniqueness of a suburban college town, yet incorporates the home-grown simplicity of small town USA.  By design, we have no fryer and everything is cooked to order, offering a great freshness that many brewpubs pride themselves in.  Our kitchen is open until 30 minutes prior to closing and we have included a kid-friendly menu with three or four options your children will love. 

Weekly Dinner Specials - each week, Chris will feature a dinner special, along with a lunch special.  On the weekends, he will feature something different to keep the flavors rotating!!

Craft Soda - We proudly make several varieties of soda sweetened with cane sugar.  At any given time, we have two sodas on tap which continue to rotate based upon the good ole supply and demand. 

Pennsylvania-made Wines - for those non-beer drinkers, we offer a variety of dry to sweet, in both red and white.  The local wines are from Antler Ridge Winery, Grovedale Winery and Nimble Hill Winery.

Pennsylvania-distilled Spirits - a recent change in PA law has allowed us to offer PA-distilled spirits.  We are proudly offering gin, spiced rum, coconut rum, vodka, cream bourbon, and American Whiskey from Big Springs Spirits out of Bellefonte, PA.