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Howlin' Pumpkin Release Party

Fall - There is nothing better this time of year than a quality pumpkin beer.  The Bluestone pumpkin beer speaks to cool nights, earlier camp fires, blinding sunrays that pierce the through some of the fog, multi-colored leaves floating down the river, and beautiful vistas as you travel the roads.

Howlin' Pumpkin will please all of your senses from the first pint.  The vision of an amber-colored beer lures you in for a sniff of the great pumpkin spices.  The comforting aroma will lead to your first sip of delight.  As you try to figure out the complexity of this beer, you realize how good that second sip will be in order to keep fostering your analytical mind.  Some may overthink this beer (leave that up to Thad), but most will be merely satisfied with pumpkin beer you have been thinking about since Labor Day.

Howlin Pumpkin Release Party

  • giveaways all night long
  • special fall-themed food offerings
  • Live Music - 5 Man Trio, 7:30-9:30
Earlier Event: October 1
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Later Event: October 8