Our beer menu offers a standard variety of craft beers – from a light lager to a full bodied maple porter.  We also make our own hard cider and offer a lineup ofhouse=made craft sodas.  We have six core beers, a couple of seasonals, and a couple of hard ciders.  In addition to our own locally crafted beers, we have two Pennsylvania brewed guest taps.  (currently Big Hill Ciderworks, Adams County)

Stay tuned for our 1537 Series!!  Our best selling brand is now evolving into a Seasonal Series.  The late-summer edition has resulted in a Blackberry 1537.  A fruity and smooth 7.2% in a pint glass (and soon to be bottle).


Seasonals ON TAP

pints and barn door.jpg

Thunder Chicken Maple Porter      40 IBU    5.4% ABV
This medium bodied, spring-season porter has a great color and creamy head.  The smoked chocolate malts bring a subtle smokiness that is complemented by this year's batch of local maple syrup. 

Blackberry 1537                        18 IBU   7.2% ABV
We have evolved our best selling beer into a seasonal series.  The first experiment was blackberry - and what a fantastic beer. A fruity ale with that late summer sweetness of blackberries.

Blueberry Lager                        18 IBU   3.9% ABV
Our fastest selling beer last year, is back again!!  The mellow blueberry flavor and aroma balances nicely with the crisp lager finish.  Just like many lagers, this beer fermented about six weeks to bring out the lager characteristics and the light lager grain bill was designed to make this a very sessionable beer.

Core Brands

Valley  Light                                  18 IBU    3.3% ABV
Craft beer for the 30-pack drinker.  A light lager developed for those that want a less malty crisp finishing beer. 

One More Blonde                           19 IBU   4.8% (currently out, should be back by 09.01)
Our original blonde ale is inspired by a mellow grain bill and limited quantity of hops.  This brew is perfect for the entry-level craft beer drinker seeking some flavor from the malts without the bitterness from the hops.

1537, Imperial Blonde Ale             19 IBU    7.2% ABV
Imperial Blonde with a medium/light body offering a light pear aroma.  The unique flavor is supported from the caramel notes, a 120 minute boil,  and finishes with a floral and sweet smoothness.

Big Elk Amber Ale                                 18 IBU    4.8% ABV
The caramel malt backbone of this beer offers a medium body with a fruity aroma.  The red wheat flakes provide a great looking beer and an even better tasting beer.

Penna Pale Ale                                  53 IBU    5.5% ABV
A new recipe of a light bodied, citrusy pale ale.  We are enthusiastic to share the hop blend of mosaic, copper, Willamette and zythos , while they fold nicely into the balanced malt bill.   

Foxtail IPA                                          81 IBU    6.2%  ABV
Medium bodied IPA brewed in the Northeast IPA style.  The creamy mouthfeel derives from the crystal malt and finishes with an earthy hop finish.