Our beer menu offers a standard variety of craft beers – from a fruity and tart sour to a full bodied honey porter.  We also make our own hard cider and offer a lineup of house-made craft sodas.  We have six core beers, a few seasonals, and a hard ciders.  In addition to our own locally crafted beers, we try to carry at least one local Pennsylvania brewed guest tap. 

Bluestone To Go!!!

We currently have the following brands bottled and ready for sale in six packs ($10 or cases ($35).  Stop into the brewery to mix-and-match your sixer or case.  Now available - Blackberry 1537 in a bottle!!  This is a fantastic option for your holiday parties!!!


Seasonals ON TAP

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Peppermint Porter 28 IBU 6.5%
A smooth peppermint mocha in beer form. Roasty and well-balanced porter perfect for winter.

Blackberry 1537                        12 IBU   7.2% ABV

We have evolved our best selling beer into a seasonal series.  The first experiment was blackberry - and what a fantastic beer. A fruity ale with that late summer sweetness of blackberries.

Abandon Orchard Hard Cider           0 IBU   6.2% ABV
This first batch of 2018 apples are a blend of Honey Crisp and Royal Court early-dropped apples. As a result, the cider is a great balance of sweet and tart, accentuated by the champagne yeast.

Vanilla Porter 20 IBU 6.5% ABV
A winter classic!! This smooth, and light-bodied porter offers a great blend of vanilla character to the roasty malts of a traditional porter.

Snickerdoodle 1537 8 IBU 6.2% ABV
After reading this description, close your eyes and vision eating grandma’s Snickerdoodle cookies around the Holidays. The sweet and creamy blend of vanilla and cinnamon that just keeps you wanting more. Thad has re-created the cookie (minus the crumbs and crunch, in this fabulous seasonal beer.

Black IPA 49 IBUs 5.6%
A great winter option for the IPA and Porter lovers. This interesting blend of six “C” hops (chinook, cascade, cashmere, citra, copper, and cluster) provides a great aroma, unique bitterness all the way through, type of light-bodied roasty beer.

Wheat 9 IBUs 4.8%
A light-bodied Belgian-style beer that is refreshing during these harsh winter days.

IPW (India Pale Wheat) 40 IBUs 4.8%
This unique twist for a hoppy wheat beer utilizes our Wheat beer, however is dry-hopped using whole cone Azacca hops and Mosaics to add an extremely fresh floral and citrusy aroma and flavor to this Belgian-style wheat beer.


Core Brands

Blue and White                5 IBU   5.0% ABV
We are proud to offer a simple and traditional ale that defines your way of life. An easy-drinking blonde ale.

1537, Imperial Blonde Ale             12 IBU    7.2% ABV

Imperial Blonde with a medium/light body offering a light pear aroma.  The unique flavor is supported from the caramel notes, a 120 minute boil,  and finishes with a floral and sweet smoothness.

Big Elk Amber Ale                                 18 IBU    4.8% ABV
The caramel malt backbone of this beer offers a medium body with a sweet start and finishes with a subtle hoppiness at the end.  The red wheat flakes provide a great looking, and an even better tasting beer.  

Penna Pale Ale                                  53 IBU    5.5% ABV
A light-bodied pale ale which derives the citrus tones from the plentiful amount of mosaic hops. This beer resonates with all of our hazy and neipa lovers.

Foxtail IPA                                          81 IBU    6.2%  ABV
Medium bodied IPA  that is slightly malty, but well balanced with cascade and zythos hops.