All of the partners have loved going to different breweries all over the country.  The local market for craft beer has really exploded and we chose to provide a brewery the area could call their own.

Christmas of 2010, one of the partners (Mandy) bought her husband (Brady) a beer making kit as a last minute, impulsive gift and he fell in love with homebrewing … and now we have a 3200 sqft brewery of our own.

We initially bought the property as an investment, but the location (Pitney Street within South Waverly Borough) was too ideal for us to flip, so we have gone through a three year process of planning and building the brewery.  We are federally licensed as a brewery and a winery, and state licensed as a brewery, brewpub, and limited winery.  This simply means we can only sell what we make, in addition to any Pennsylvania made wine (we currently offer wines from Antler Ridge Winery and Grovedale Winery).



Pennsylvania Bluestone is a unique natural resource found in our local area.  Architects and designers use this stone when creating a high quality, distinctive appeal for their projects.  Our goal at Bluestone Brewing is to offer the same high quality and distinctive beers, ciders, and service in which people can notice the quality, while appreciating our local environment.



We are very proud of constructing the entire building ourselves.  Two of the partners (PJ and Brian) managed each aspect of the building project.  We are also very proud that we used local subcontractors and vendors in every aspect of the construction.  The building is 3200 sqft, sitting on 1.08 acres.  In the spring, we plan to have vinyl walls and heaters for the back porch and picnic tables in the grassy areas to expand the seating capacity.  The bar and conversation table is built out of six different species of Pennsylvania hard woods hand crafted by Ron, one of our friends.

The entire design and building process was centered around a place the local community could be proud of, tourists would find memorable, and families would be welcomed bringing their children in to eat as we establish a relaxing and professional environment.